I really like going to the Dentist, weird I know, but Dennis is so nice, gentle, and thorough. The staff is friendly and competent and always right on time. I can't remember just how long I have been a patient, but many, many years. I appreciate the friendly personalities of everyone and each time I am there, we catch up on each other's news. Each visit is like spending time with old friends. I appreciate Dennis' thoroughness and professionalism.Doris Reva - Olivenhain, CAmore testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Dennis Gile strives to achieve balance between keeping the mouth adequately clean while minimizing unnecessary wear to the teeth or recession of the gums. Following are some questions that prospective patients often ask:

Does Dr. Gile use mercury containing silver amalgam for fillings?

Dr. Gile does not find it necessary to use silver amalgam. There are better materials that have greater cosmetics appeal.

How does Dr. Gile detect cavities?

Dr. Gile routinely uses a diagnostic laser to assess whether potential cavities are stable or show signs of decay progression. The laser also helps him know when sealants are beneficial.

Does Dr. Gile’s Dental Practice accept insurance?

Dr. Gile feels the decisions that you make regarding dental treatment should be based on what is best for you, not what your insurance company dictates. His staff will gladly provide insurance receipts which can be submitted for reimbursement. He also offers a discount when treatment is paid for at the time of service.

Does Dr. Gile use nitrous oxide (laughing gas)?

Dr. Gile can use nitrous oxide should it help keep a patient’s jaw more comfortable during treatment but he does not offer sedation dentistry. He has found that his patients want to be more in control during their treatment and enjoy hearing his explanations during the procedures. During office visits he often provides extra pillows to minimize postural stress on the rest of the body. He also uses techniques taught by Osteopaths and Chiropractors to help the bite work with the head’s optimum posture.

Is a rubber dam used during treatment?

Dr. Gile does use a rubber dam when applicable to minimize the risk of swallowing old fillings and to enhance the predictability of bonded restorations. Most patients actually prefer it once they know that swallowing and breathing are not a problem with its use.

Does Dr. Gile recommend Invisalign?

Dr. Gile does some orthodontic treatment with Invisalign and Essix clear retainers if it helps stabilize the bite relationship and the patient is not interested in traditional braces.

Is milling of restorations done in-house?

Dr. Gile does not mill restorations in-house; however, he does use a laboratory which can mill a gold substitute white material upon which porcelain can be fused for shade blending.

Does Dr. Gile bond veneers?

Dr. Gile will bond veneers when he feels they are the best choice to achieve the result desired by the patient. He finds many smiles can be improved without extensive veneering of the teeth using direct bonded composite materials.

Does Dr. Gile perform dental implants?

If implants are necessary, Dr. Gile will refer you to an excellent oral surgeon or periodontist. Dr. Gile does restore implants to monitor optimum bone retention, tissue relationship and aesthetics.

Does Dr. Gile recommend that I get my blood tested?

Some patients have chosen to have their blood analyzed to know if certain dental materials are more suited to not be recognized by their immune system. Dr. Gile and his staff try to use materials that most often test well from other patients and provide suitable handling characteristics when procedures are recommended and the patient does not feel the need to have the blood test.
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